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Certificate: Bookkeeping

Do you need professional certification to become a full-charge Bookkeeper?

This Bookkeeping Certificate program, endorsed by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB), is designed for those with little or no experience in bookkeeping. Courses in the certificate teach basic bookkeeping skills and prepare you to sit for the AIPB exam. (AIPB certification is required for staff bookkeepers in many large companies.) Completion of the certificate prepares you to work independently as a full-charge bookkeeper.

Topics include basic principles of accounting, journals and ledgers, payroll concepts and employer taxes, payments and reports. You'll also learn about merchandising businesses, classified financial statements, inventory valuation, advanced accounting with Quickbooks, and more.

All of our certificates are designed to help you advance along your career path, providing a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to comparable degree programs. The Bookkeeping certificate is designed to help you begin a career, improve your skills, or gain the AIPB certification recognition that will help you to advance in his field. This certificate is also a logical first step towards completing our Payroll-PayTrain certificate. Employment as a certified bookkeeper can also lead to career moves into accounting, management, human resource or finance positions.

The courses in this certificate will provide basic bookkeeping skills and, with the Exam Review Option, prepare you for the certification to become full-charge bookkeeper. For example:

  • Essentials of Bookkeeping will start you on your way to becoming a certified bookkeeper. Topics include: principles of the accounting cycle, general journals and ledgers, adjusting entries and the worksheet, closing entries and post-closing trial balance. You will also learn payroll concepts, including employee earnings and deductions, as well as employer taxes, payments, and reports.
  • In Advanced Bookkeeping, you'll build on what you learned and expand your skills to the level of a full-charge bookkeeper. Topics include merchandising businesses, such as adjusting entries for supplies and the periodic inventory system, classified financial statements, closing and reversing entries, ending inventory and inventory valuation.
  • In Accounting with QuickBooks, you'll learn how to use QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software available today. QuickBooks is essential to any accounting practice; you'll learn to use this program to set up a business, including recording its chart of accounts, making deposits, writing checks, creating invoices, handling cash sales, issuing credit memos, reconciling accounts and much more.
  • Advanced QuickBooks for Accounting will deepen your understanding of this critical software. you'll learn best practices for implementing and using QuickBooks and will be given detailed instruction about the chart of accounts and period-end processing. Finally, you'll acquire invaluable tips on how to review financial statements for rationality in order to catch common errors before they reach the next level.

Baruch College, based in New York, is the largest public business school in the U.S., with an unparalleled reputation for excellence in accounting. All the Accounting Certificates in Baruch's Continuing and Professional Studies division offer:

  • Courses taught by experts in the field, based on real-world challenges and successes
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Diverse courses designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers
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