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Cantonese, the official language of Macau and Hong Kong, is one of the most widely spoken dialects in China and, next to Mandarin, one of the most widely spoken languages by Chinese communities around the world.

In the Baruch Continuing and professional Studies (CAPS) Cantonese language program, you'll learn about the unique cultural, literary, and historic influences on the language. You will be introduced to the culture of the Cantonese-speaking regions of the world and expand your language skills through role plays, language exercises, literature, newspaper articles, films, and cultural field trips.

Our program offers two levels of language instruction in Cantonese – from Level 1 classes in which you'll practice tones while learning to engage in simple conversations to Level 2 classes that focus on more sophisticated conversation skills. If you need guidance in deciding which Cantonese classes are best for you, click here.

Baruch College, a leading educational institution in New York City, has an excellent reputation in language instruction. Our curriculum, materials and techniques are updated and expanded each year.